Puff Puff Glass is your one-stop-shop for all your glass needs! We’ve got glass pipes, steamrollers, sherlocks, one-hitters, waterpipes, and bubblers made by both local artists and prominent glassblowers across the nation. While we get our glass from many artists, some of the most notable studios are: Chameleon Glass, Zong, Roor, Grav Labs, Dynomite Dist., Sheldon Black, Bern Gallery, and more. Stop in today to see our hundreds of unique, individual items; the pictures on this page are just a sample! Looking for something that’s not glass? We’ve got that too! Need a one-hitter? We’ve got glass, brass, ceramic, and aluminum- even a few acrylic and wood. Diggers too!

Tobacco and Rolling Accessories: We’re not just a glass shop! We carry The Good Stuff pipe tobacco and rolling machines, hand rollers, and all the papers for your rolling needs. We carry Zen, Gambler, and Top tubes and many different brands of rolling papers including Raw, Elements, Juicy Jay, Wiz Khalifa, Randy’s, Zig Zag, Humbolt Fire, Elements, and more. We’ve also got a huge selection of flavored blunt wraps and cyclones. Looking for cloves? We carry Djarum in the original, cherry, vanilla, and Bali Hai.

Metal Stone Helix Animal Shaped Old School Mushroom Diamond Cut Custom Blown Stubbies Swirl Bern Glass Abstract

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