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Puff Puff Glass (affectionately called PPG) is an independently owned and operated business- no affiliation with any other smoke shop. The owners are Wisconsin born and raised! We are located in the heart of downtown River Falls, WI, just minutes away from the University of Wisconsin River Falls campus and less than a half hour from the Twin Cities. In our shop you’ll find a wide range of products from artisanal, hand-blown glass pipes to the latest styles of body jewelry. We retail premium e-juice and electronic cigarettes and also carry clothing, incense, hats, Frisbee golf discs, wood and metal pipes, water pipes, tobacco accessories, vapes, and more!


Meet our shop cats!


A tabby, Janis enjoys diverse hobbies such as perusing classic cat literature, chewing on customers’ hair, and learning exotic dances. Janis’ favorite music is 60’s acid rock- just like her namesake Janis Joplin. Ever the free spirit, Janis does what she wants when she wants. She’s an independent cat who don’t need no human. She’ll tell you whether she wants you to pet her constantly or leave her alone. Janis enjoys touring museums, joining drum circles, and feeding the local pigeons whenever she gets a chance to venture outdoors. Also an accomplished huntress, Janis is the resident fly catcher.




Betty in braids

Miss Betty is not fat- she’s just filled with extra sassiness! Ever the diva, Betty’s favorite hobby is laying around while people tell her she’s beautiful. She enjoys being fed kibble piece by piece while being fanned with palm fronds as she reclines in a chaise. Her favorite music is anything with her name in it- like Black Betty. Betty employs as many as four humans at a time just to stand around and give her compliments. In fact, the official title of PPG employees is “Cat Servant.”






The unofficial CEO of Puff Puff Glass, Cash enjoys begging for food and looking regal. Cash’s favorite music is outlaw country- Johnny Cash all the way. He spends his time either asleep or overlooking his kingdom. Surprisingly , despite being unbelievably cool, Cash maintains a very humble attitude. He’s quite the ladies’ man and many have said that Cash has earned the title of “The Most Interesting Cat In The World.” When he’s not watching over PPG, Cash enjoys exotic vacations in Greece and Morrocco. You could just as easily find him in a five star restaurant as you could on the beach in an impromptu poker game.

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